Two New Releases of Large Ensemble Music Out Now!

We are pleased to announce that there are two new releases of music featuring Nate's writing for large ensembles out now on the New Haven-based Firehouse 12 Records and Nate's own Pleasure of the Text Labels.

Seven Storey Mountain V

Seven Storey Mountain V is the fifth of seven evening length works that began with a Festival of New Trumpet commission in 2007. Recorded live at Abrons Art Center in New York City as part of the 2015 Tectonics NY festival, SSMV continues Wooley’s idea of creating an ecstatic and communal music

that is non-religious and non-genre based. The massive collective group includes international stars from the jazz, new music, electronic, and noise worlds–working together to realize Wooley’s singular musical vision. The group, which is the largest to date, features Wooley on amplified trumpet alongside C. Spencer Yeh and Samara Lubelski on amplified violins, Ben Vida on electronics, Ben Hall and Ryan Sawyer on percussion, Chris Dingman and Matt Moran on vibraphone, Colin Stetson, Josh Sinton, and Dan Peck on amplified reeds and brass, and the TILT Brass octet (Chris McIntyre, Gareth Flowers, Mike Gurfeld, Tim Leopold, Will Lang, Matt Melore, Jen Baker, and James Roger).

1. Seven Storey Mountain (49:23)
Nate Wooley: amplified trumpet, tape
Ben Vida: electronics
C. Spencer Yeh & Samara Lubelski: amplified violin
Colin Stetson: amplified bass saxophone
Josh Sinton: amplified contrabass clarinet
Dan Peck: amplified tuba
Ben Hall & Ryan Sawyer: drums
Chris Dingman & Matt Moran: vibraphone
TILT Brass Octet: Chris McIntyre (trombone, conductor), Gareth Flowers, Mike Gurfeld & Tim Leopold (trumpets), Will Lang, Matt Melore, Jen Baker & James Roger (trombones)
Recorded May 9, 2015 at Abrons Art Center, presented by Tectonics NY/Issue Project Room, NYC


Nate Wooley, trumpet
Ron Miles, cornet
Cory Smythe, piano
Jozef Dumoulin, Fender Rhodes and electronics
Rudy Royston, drums
Devin Gray, drums

Argonautica is a new project that combines elements of aleatoric and minimalist compositional aesthetics and forces them the prism of early fusion (when jazz/rock was dirty). Designed as an homage to Wooley’s early trumpet hero, Ron Miles, Argonautica seeks to find a new way to tell a story begun on the latter’s “My Cruel Heart” from the early 90s. The group is a double trio with Wooley and Miles on trumpets, new music firebrand Cory Smythe on piano, avant-electro keyboard whiz Jozef Dumoulin, and Rudy Royston and Devin Gray on drums. The compositions, written especially for this concert, set up swirling asymmetrical hockets and soundspaces that give flexibility to the musical personalities of each member of the band. It is an organism, moving in part or in toto, sometimes in two directions at once, but always with purpose.


Nate Wooley Receives 2016 Foundation for Contemporary Arts Grants to Artist Award

It has just been announced that Nate Wooley is one of the recipients of the 2016 FCA Grants to Artists Awards. Foundation for Contemporary Arts is a non-profit organization founded in 1963 by John Cage and Jasper Johns and provides unsolicited help to musicians, poets, theater writers and performers, and choreographers. Alongside percussionist William Winant, composer Ashley Fure, and legendary vocalist Joan LaBarbara (who is this year's Cage awardee), Wooley will receive 40,000.00 to use for future work.

It is a great honor, and now begins the planning for what to do next.

Visit Nate's FCA page at: