All done for the year....the last concert over and a handful of things sent away to a handful of people for the next steps. It's been an amazing year full of premieres. New bands like Argonautica and Battle Pieces, premieres of new work like Eliane Radigue's Occam X, my Psalms from Hell and the ongoing For Kenneth Gaburo series. One works in cycles and 2014 has been a year of creativity over physical output, something that was becoming extremely necessary. Time to have a little break and gather strength for another round.

In 2015!

Ken Vandermark/Nate Wooley Record Release Tour!

Ken and my duo record is on its way to me at this very moment and I am very excited. Recorded live at Okkafest in Milwaukee, the duo works through a number of originals from each of us, as a tune each from John Carter and Bobby Bradford: the inspiration for the duo.

To celebrate the release (out in a dual release on Ken's Audiographic label and Pleasure of the Text) entitled East by Northwest, we'll be on the road, hitting the East Coast and Southeast with a final stop at the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh between January 9th and 21st. See the Live page for details.



The disc is out and we got 'em! A beautiful cover and a beautifully captured set of music. One of my favorites from the past year! Get it now on either the Buy Music or Pleasure of the Text pages!

Battle Pieces Released on Relative Pitch!

Battle Pieces was premiered at Anthony Braxton's Tri-Centric Foundation Festival in April. The quartet, consisting of myself, Ingrid Laubrock, Sylvie Courvoisier, and Matt Moran navigated the new set of pieces, which are intended to be mobile and ever-changing compositions for trio with improvising soloist. The music was tremendous and we got a great response. The musicianship of Ingrid, Matt, and Sylvie would nothing less than astonishing and I had had high hopes. After the concert, Jeremiah Cymerman mixed the tracks and Relative Pitch agreed to release it with a very special cover by Detroit based artist Ben Hall. The recording will be release in mid-January (I will have copies on the tour with Ken), and the group will be on tour in Europe in the summer of 2015 and early 2016.

New CD with Dave Rempis and Downloads available of Seven Storey Mountain!

From Whales to Wolves is the first release of a great new quartet with Chicago alto player Dave Rempis! This is a group that did a few days of concerts in New York early 2014 and then recorded....completely improvised. The rhythm section of Chris Corsano and Pascal Niggenkemper is absolutely screaming and I haven't had this much fun playing screaming free jazz in years and years. Dave released it on his Aerophonic label and I have copies now!

Also, Subradar in Norway has been handling downloads for Seven Storey Mountain III/IV for the past year. They now have embeddable buy now buttons so I can offer the download on my site!

Go to the Buy Music page now and download or buy now! Your Xmas presents to loved ones means Xmas presents for mine!